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Data Archiving Services

Data Archiving refers to the removal of an actual item of data from its current location to a long-term storage system; usually because it is no longer being actively used or to declutter slow, clogged up systems.

Because this store of data can, ultimately, become vast; data is tagged and indexed, as it is stored, to facilitate later rapid, easy search and retrieval – mainly for Legal & Compliance e-Discovery Reasons.

In certain cases, data may also be encrypted in a manner to be able to demonstrate its authentic, unaltered status for later evidential purposes.

Data Backup Data Archiving
Copy(s) of Data Original Item
Original Still at Original Location Removed from Original Location
Changing - So Retaining Versions May Be Important Single Item Of Record - Versions Not Possible
Each Copy is Same Size as Original (Predictable Cost) Unbounded Size (Need to be Cost Effective)
Definite Retention (days, months, years, etc.) Indefinite Retention ( > Decades)
Live Changing Date to be Protected Static Unchanging Data to be Retained
Indexing Not Required Indexed for Rapid / Intelligent Searching

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