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Data Backup / Disaster Recovery

At DataTrust, our dedicated team of experienced technology consultants can provide cost effective Data Backup and Business Continuity Services for your organization.

With our Secure Online Backup, your selected data is encrypted and compressed automatically, at predefined schedules and sent to our secure data centres in Dublin. There is no end user intervention required and assigned recipients receive an email report after each backup job.

Doing test restores is simply a matter of a few mouse clicks!

Data Backup
Disaster Recovery

Data backup does not concern itself with how long it will take you to get your business processes back up and running in the event of a catastrophe. This is where our Disaster Recovery (DR) Service comes in.

Our systems allow for communication of crystal clear, noise-cancelled compressed dictation to be transferred between Author and Transcriber, over the network or via e-mail, allowing for Improved Workflow and Increased Efficiency.

As part of our recovery plan, DataTrust can implement continuous replication of existing key servers and workstations etc. into our datacentre ready to be "fired up" in the event of disaster. Replication can be as frequent as every 15 minutes and these full images can be retained indefinitely.

Tailored Disaster Recovery Solutions

Being sure that your data is safe and secure, in the event of disaster may not be enough to save your business from serious impact of the downtime. As a consequence, we work closely with our clients to draw up tailored disaster recovery (DR) / business continuity solutions.

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