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Digital Voice Solutions

Data Trust's Digital Voice Solutions provide the latest technological advances in both digital dictation and speech recognition systems.

The subjects of Digital Dictation and Speech Recognition cause a fair amount of confusion for prospective users. More often than not, when people hear the phrase "Digital Dictation" they are actually thinking of Speech Recognition.

Digital Dictation Solutions

The DataTrust range of Professional Digital Dictation Recording and Transcription Systems offer the perfect combination of Dictation Device, Microphone and Transcription Facility.

Our systems allow for communication of crystal clear, noise-cancelled compressed dictation to be transferred between Author and Transcriber, over the network or via e-mail, allowing for Improved Workflow and Increased Efficiency.

Through a process of continuous monitoring and analysis, the use of cutting edge, firewall technology, intrusion detection systems and next generation anti-virus software, we can provide maximum security and advanced threat protection for your business.

Speech Recognition Solutions

Imagine being able to open applications, create documents and spreadsheets, read and reply to e-mail, search the web, schedule meetings and much, much more simply by speaking?

Dragon Naturally Speaking is the world's Fastest and Most Accurate Speech Recognition Solution. It's many times faster than typing whilst delivering up to 99% accuracy. The availability of medical and legal vocabularies ensures that Dragon Naturally Speaking is well prepared for the specific terminologies of these professions.

In Data Trust, we have engineers, who have been working with voice recognition since the days of IBM VoiceType and ViaVoice (the mid-90s). As well as being Olympus ProLine Dealers - Datatrust are Nuance premier partners.

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