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Remote Access Teleworking

With the capabilities of remote access, either through telework or on mobile devices, many companies are asking the question:

How do I maintain my cyber security when my employees work remotely?

Whether you have one employee working on a mobile device while on a business trip or your entire staff telecommuting from home, your cyber security shouldn’t be sacrificed for convenience. By understanding your options and working with a Datatrust, you can safely navigate the cyber world and keep your business protected, no matter where you are.

Remote working and connectivity can cover a myriad of requirements:
  • Mobile workers needing access to resources in the office, whilst out of the office
  • Customers and suppliers who need access to resources and services made available to them
  • Interconnecting multiple offices or branch offices to main office
Advantages to a Business include:
  • A business can save costs by not having to provide office space for a teleworker
  • Teleworkers can often be more productive as they have a better chance of working to their own preferred style i.e. fewer interruptions to their work, outside the office
  • Improved motivation with reduced levels of stress and absence due to illness

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