IT solutions that are designed to integrate multiple sectors

Security / Threat Protection

IT Security / Threat Protection has often been referred to as a “moving Target” - there is a constant game of “cat and mouse” going on between cyber criminals trying to infiltrate systems and security experts trying to protect their charges.

Is your business at risk from?
  • Data breaches, theft or loss, malicious or accidental?
  • Incorrect or illegal use of data, abuse of privacy or confidentiality?
  • Fraud and other criminal activity, internal or external?
  • Cyber-espionage, industrial, political and state-sponsored?
  • Sabotage, Blackmail, Business Disruption, Intrusions?
  • Viruses and Malware?
  • Cloud Computing, Outsourcing, Consumerization of IT?
Advanced Protection

In order to combat sophisticated threats from to-day’s cyber criminals, industry experts recommend that businesses adapt a layered approach to security; a “defense in depth” approach.

Here at DataTrust, we use multiple, separate technologies to ensure detection, prevention and maximum protection for systems, throughout each level of an organization.

Through a process of continuous monitoring and analysis, the use of cutting edge, firewall technology, intrusion detection systems and next generation anti-virus software, we can provide maximum security and advanced threat protection for your business.

The team at DataTrust have an unparalleled combination of security qualifications and experience.

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