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Web Filtering and Reporting

Web filtering is a technology that stops users from viewing certain URLs or websites by preventing their browsers from loading pages from these sites.

In general, Web filters work in two distinct ways. They can block content as determined by quality of the site, by consulting known lists which document and categorize popular pages across all genres of content. Or, they can evaluate the content of the page live and block it accordingly. Many Web filter tools work off of a constantly updated URL database that shows which websites and domains are associated with hosting malware, phishing, viruses or other tools for harmful activities

Top Reasons for usingWeb Filtering and Reporting

Improve Employee Productivity

Improve employee and student productivity by filtering web contents that are distracting or explicit.

Understand Your Employee's Web Activities

Isolate unproductive employees/students who are spending exceptionally large amounts of time surfing the Internet for personal use.

Prevent Malicious Attacks

Prevent the threat of infecting the network with suspicious software or viruses, by blocking access to specific ports or by restricting the downloading of specific files.

DataTrust WebSight Includes:
  • Advanced Web Filtering BEFORE it comes anywhere near your system, Malware, Phishing and Virus Protection
  • Standards Compliant
  • Quick, Simple and Pain-Free to Implement - Free Installation.
  • Does not mean changing your IT Services Provider.
  • User Friendly and Simple to Manage
  • Summarised (Internet Connection) Web Traffic Reporting
  • Detailed (Per User) Web Traffic Reporting

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